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About Us



Develop a culture of Responsibility, Accountability and Shared Success based upon a simple decision tree of Safety, Respect, Quality and Efficiency - in that order

Deliver multiple cavity molds of unsurpassed performance, while providing world class value for our customers, utilizing our most valuable asset, our PEOPLE, working as a team.

A History of Pride & Quality


  • Founded in 1971
  • ISO 9001 Compliant

Custom Tool & Design utilizes more than 45 years of experience to design and build high-volume plastic injection molds in the consumer products and medical markets. We pride ourselves on innovation, education and quality while taking a proactive approach toward the future of the mold building industry.

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Investing in Technology

With our continuous investment in technology, CTD is able to offer sophisticated 24/7 machining capabilities. Our robots are programmed to change pallets as well as tooling and electrodes. With this technology, our EDM department can achieve maximum unattended run time.

With our large capacity CNC mills and turning centers we consistently machine everything from large, complex mold frames to 3-D contoured cavities. Utilizing multi-stage setups and high-capacity tool changers, high cavitation molds are machined in the shortest turnaround times.

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