In-Plant Customer Support

CTD has been very successful re-engineering and refurbishing existing molds in customers’ plants to bring them to the quality levels and cycle times desired to increase profitability.



Strategy: We work with the plant to identify their greatest tooling/molding issues.

  • Phase one: Gather information: Part prints, molded parts, build prints, processing information.
  • Phase two: Data analysis at CTD
  • Phase three: Return to the plant with a mold processor and tooling designer/mold maker for a troubleshooting session with your processor and tooling personnel.
  • Our goal is to solve the problem at the plant; if we cannot, we will offer up product, tooling, and/or processing recommendations.

If tooling work is necessary, we ask to be considered for it. If we solve the problem without tooling work, we have successfully built new relationships, which is valuable to both CTD and our customer.


In addition, our team has successfully implemented customer in-house training programs:

  • In-house mold makers and continuous improvement projects spanning the course of a year.
  • Developed and instructed plastics programs at Penn State.
  • Assembly/disassembly of new molds
  • Measurement methodology

Contact us to find out what solutions CTD can implement for your tooling challenges…